IIUM.fm is official

IIUM Rector Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Syed Arabi Idid launched IIUM.FM Radio at the Department of Communication on 26th May 2010!

IIUM.fm in the papers!

An article from Berita Harian on 31st May 2010 with headline 'UIA/IIUM Has Its Own Campus Radio'.

IIUM.fm deejays

IIUM.fm deejays deliver their programmes live on air according to scheduled hours!

creative content

All IIUM.fm's creative content are produced by students with the guidance of IIUM.fm's supervisor, Sir Johanni Saleh!

Live talk shows, news and interviews

IIUM.fm also offers these programmes catered to students, academicians and the general public!

Event hosts

IIUM.fm deejays also become hosts of events around IIUM campus!

Happy family!

The IIUM.fm crew is definitely one huge happy wacky fun family!

IIUM.fm is already one years old!

And our journey is just beginning! =D

IIUM.fm's Birthday Bash A Success!

Salam gorgeous people!

Already celebrating away your semester break? We sure believe you are! It is definitely the time to embrace that much-awaited free time and spend quality time with friends and family! For those traveling to various parts of Malaysia or the rest of the world, IIUM.fm would like to wish all of you a safe and smooth trip back home, and may Allah bless your journey along the way. We would also like to wish you a fulfilling long semester break and of course, Insyaallah, we'll meet you again next semester with more new content and talents! ^_^

For those who didn't know, IIUM.fm has celebrated it's first birthday bash on the 17th June 2011!! The bash was held at the Human Sciences (HS) Square and there were much entertainment from fellow students, lots of food (yes, a lot of food for just tea-time!) and of course, a birthday bash wouldn't be complete without a birthday CAKE and birthday cupcakes!!! Let's go through the eventful celebration in pictures, shall we? \^0^/

The birthday bash began with a few opening words by IIUM.fm's own deejay, Amierah Amer

The Head of Department of Communication (HS), Dr. Che Mahzan Ahmad giving out his short speech

The Dean of IRKHS, Dr. Badri Najib Zubir reminiscing the achievements of IIUM.fm in his speech

The audience were shown a video show on the history and the journey of IIUM.fm throughout it's first year

A sudden gimmick that caught everyone in surprise & excitement!

The bash had another emcee of the day, Bro. Junaidy Abidin who showed us a couple of cool dance moves!

The first performance for the bash was from the Palestinian group, impressing the audience with their traditional warrior dance!

The ceremony was toned down for a while with some soulful nasyeed from the members of IIUM's Nasyid Club

The event was hyped up again with a dance performance from Syria!

An awesome solo move by one of the Syrian dancers!

The last performance of the day with more soulful songs from IIUM's Acoustic Band club

Aww... IIUM.fm's founding father, Sir Johanni Saleh, Dr. Che Mahzan & Dr. Badri Najib in union to cut the IIUM.fm's birthday cake!

The bash ended oh-so-nicely with, of course, 'makan' time!

Our lovely customised cupcakes!!! =D

Yeah, FOOD!

The best way to end your 'makan' - have a chit chat!

Our guests seemed to be enjoying themselves!

Maybe enjoying a bit too much? =D

All in all, the bash was a success and we'd like to thank everyone who made it happen and to all those who came and made it awesome!


Besides the wonderful birthday bash, IIUM.fm also had a major makeover in the radio lab which not many of us are aware about! So what exactly is it? =P

The conty has been moved to the radio classroom! Whee~!

Sir Jo and radio technician Khairoul setting up the system. The new conty looks more professional now!

How about it? Cool eh? =D

So many pictures in one post! So many stuffs went on in one day! And despite a few setbacks, what a fantastic day it was =) For more pictures of the event, just head on to our Facebook group!

So as you're enjoying your holidays, why not have a listen to your campus radio at any time, wherever you are around the world \^0^/

As always, keep sticking to IIUM.fm, Your Campus Radio =)


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