IIUM.fm is official

IIUM Rector Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Syed Arabi Idid launched IIUM.FM Radio at the Department of Communication on 26th May 2010!

IIUM.fm in the papers!

An article from Berita Harian on 31st May 2010 with headline 'UIA/IIUM Has Its Own Campus Radio'.

IIUM.fm deejays

IIUM.fm deejays deliver their programmes live on air according to scheduled hours!

creative content

All IIUM.fm's creative content are produced by students with the guidance of IIUM.fm's supervisor, Sir Johanni Saleh!

Live talk shows, news and interviews

IIUM.fm also offers these programmes catered to students, academicians and the general public!

Event hosts

IIUM.fm deejays also become hosts of events around IIUM campus!

Happy family!

The IIUM.fm crew is definitely one huge happy wacky fun family!

IIUM.fm is already one years old!

And our journey is just beginning! =D

Welcome to IIUM.fm's blog archive!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. everyone!

This blog serves as an archive of IIUM.fm previous achievements throughout the years of 2010 - 2011. Despite being no longer active, the previous crew of IIUM.fm had decided to keep this blog as it is so visitors and past IIUM.fm crews alike can relive those great memories created over the first two years of the campus radio's establishment.

We thank you for all the work and dedication of the IIUM.fm senior crew in the past. It had been indeed, a beautiful journey. =')

But the ride does not stop here! We also warmly welcome new and exciting junior crews to continue living up the spirit of IIUM.fm! Starting from 2012, the campus radio had a new re-branding of its logo and a complete makeover of its radio lab with the latest radio technology--even more advanced than those used in commercial local radio stations!

We seniors are extremely thrilled and proud to see the vast improvements of our beloved radio, and we hope that IIUM.fm will continue its success towards becoming a renowned campus radio in Malaysia. =)

You can access the new and improved IIUM.fm by clicking the link below:


We thank you for all your support throughout the years, and we hope that you'll continue supporting us for many years to come!

And as always, keep on listening to IIUM.fm, Your Campus Radio~!


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